Welcome to the Space Place.

The Space Place is series of films about a space museum especially designed for young children, particularly those with autism. The museum is full of model space vehicles and rockets with friendly faces.

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Using the PayPal button above (UK only), get your activity pack featuring a DVD containing the 12 episodes and games to play, a cd-rom with a 3d game and a set of cards and instructions for several games to play with the cards to reinforce the learning experience.

UK Educational establishments, we can send an activity pack with an invoice if you’d prefer. Just send a purchase order by following this link.

Contact us for overseas sales price, the DVD is available in English language only NTSC and PAL.

“The Space Place is fantastic – the characters’ animated facial expressions show important emotions in the context of an engaging storyline. This is an invaluable learning resource for children on the autism spectrum, who can also benefit from the accompanying interactive games. I fully endorse this product.”

Dr Janine Spencer, developmental psychologist, specialising in children with autism.

“… the series could be used as an effective tool to improve the impairments children with ASD suffer from. These findings have major practical implications for the child, family and educators as just a short course of ‘The Space Place’ (Lever, 2008) can improve emotional comprehension and may be able to improve the day to day life of children with ASD.”

Mishca Hughes, in a research study into the effectiveness of The Space Place as a tool at Brunel University 2012.

Read the full study ( Adobe Reader required )