BBC Bitesize
Science activities for the BBC’s online Bitesize revision resource, to help students in the run up to their GCSE science exams

This project drew on Catalyst’s experience in handling large projects that have to be delivered on time and to a budget. A series of 46 science activities were illustrated in three distinct, clean and contemporary styles to allow new activities to be added, illustrated in a different style without looking out of place. All the activities incorporate quizzes and interactive elements to enhance the learning experience, and are subtitled in order to be accessible to the widest range of users. Following on from these activities Catalyst were then commissioned to produce two 1-hour TV programmes for the Additional Science syllabus which were broadcast as part of the BBC’s Learning Zone. These were made up of 25 separate topics, in a wide variety of graphic styles, from 3D graphics to photo montage to hand drawn. These were then modified to turn them into interactive activities for the Bitesize site. The lively graphics and pacey delivery of the dialogue give the activities an appeal not always found in educational material. Fifteen GCSE Bitesize History topics, covering aspects of Modern World History, were also given the Catalyst treatment.

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Marta, Jo, Pam
October 2009